Welcome to TIME 2 B GREAT!
TIME 2 B GREAT is dedicated to uncovering the greatness inside YOU, develop success habits, and learn to steward your TIME well.

Greatness is not about age, color, size, or shape.  It is like a helium balloon!  It's what's INSIDE the balloon that makes it rise far above everything else!  

I know that kind of greatness lies in the heart of each of YOU and, with proper tools, nothing can stop YOU from becoming great! 

Come explore TIME and SUCCESS with me in my "TIME 4" books and talks for kids and teens and TIME 2 THRIVE talks and books for college success. Even the very young can learn to overcome issues with TIME in the new reading series "The TIME Doctor."

I wholeheartedly believe in you!!  Your generations has been my passion for longer than you've been alive.  I hope my books will encourage and inspire you to reach for the stars and fly higher than any other balloon out there!


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