If ebooks and audio books are not listed here, they are fake sites! 
The TIME 4 Books and Curriculum are creative, inspiring, 
and fun!  They are equally suited for self-help motivation or
classroom enrichment classes.

From the basics of good time management skills that 
will last a lifetime to success principles that will 
help you throughout life, TIME 4 KIDS and TEENS 
or TIME 4 HIGH SCHOOL are more than just another class 
or a good book to read! 
In the pages of these books you'll learn how to keep a 
TO DO List and organize your room.  You'll also explore 
the greatness inside your own heart waiting for someone 
to wake it up and let it out!  Are you ready to change the 

From art projects to famous quotes about time, from the 
history of time management to learning to run your life 
like a successful business person, TIME 4 KIDS and TEENS 
or TIME 4 HIGH SCHOOL will change the way you view 
yourself and your time.

TIME 4 KIDS and TEENS and TIME 4 HIGH SCHOOL also address the value of family TIME and how to have more quality time with your parents and siblings.  

Come learn great life skills that will help you shake the world in TIME 4 KIDS AND TEENS  and TIME 4 HIGH SCHOOL. For older high schoolers, Taming the Time Monster in College or Time 2 Thrive in College will be available early 2019.

For students who would like to approach time from a God perspective, TIME 4 KIDS and TEENS and TIME 4 HIGH SCHOOL both come in a Christian Edition! Time 4 Little Kids is expected out by 2nd semester!!!  Check back for a release date!  Also, watch for TIME 2 Tell Time, for kindergarten and preschoolers! The TIME 4 Family is growing!
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TIME 4 KIDS and TEENS Christian Edition


TIME 4 HIGH SCHOOL Christian Edition 

Begin your pre-readers to 3rd grade schoolers on a journey to learn good time skills in a fun and engaging way.  See www.TheTIMEDoctor.net 
for more about these great books for ages 5-9. 

The TIME Doctor Current Cases 
#1- Never On Time Nicky 
#2- Put It Off Patty
#3-Lose It Louie
#4-Leave it Out Lily- coming soon
#5- Busy, Busy Betsy- coming soon 

watch for: 
TIME 4 COLLEGE Coming soon! 
TIME 4 SUCCESS series Coming Soon!
TIME 4 LITTLE KIDS Coming soon!
TIME 4 BUSINESS coming soon!

Bible Lessons for Homeschoolers:
The Coloring Book Bible with Kingdom Key Devotionals
Tired of reading the same stories to your children?
100 Fresh New Stories from the Bible with Devotionals 
that are fun and engaging.  

Christian Adventure Series:
Warrior Kids for 5th-8th grades
Millennium Warriors for Middle/High School/College

New Release for Christmas 2018! 
Paperback and Ebook on Amazon.com 
Millennium Warriors Seek True Worship

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