New Year, New Beginning 
Success and Time Tips

NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNING by Elizabeth Franklin

The LAST day of 2019 is near. As you face the new year, let’s look at some ideas to guarantee success in school and life:

The first step is to stop, reflect, and PLAN now for your agenda for this semester. Spend some time before school starts to think about your life and what you want to accomplish this year. Set goals for yourself for school, personal life, sports, dance, etc. Last summer my grandson set a goal for all A’s for the year. He kept talking about it and we wrote it down. When year-end grade averages rolled around, he had achieved his goal. 

 WRITE DOWN what you would like to achieve this year. You are 30% more likely to achieve it just by writing it down. Be sure you are also willing to pay the price for those goals. All A’s requires planning time to do homework and study. 

What extra-curricular activities would you like to include in your schedule? How many hours of extra-curricular activities do you want? Do you want to have something every single night or do you want to limit activities to one or two nights per week? How will you get homework done timely and with excellence? Take a few minutes and block off a calendar and your days and see how you want your fall schedule to look.

Did you know that spending only 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening will equal over 21,855 minutes over the next year???? 

 Little time commitments, with persistence, yields success.
 Here are a few pointers to make this the best year ever:
 1. Make a to-do list every day- You are 30% more likely to do something just by writing it down. 
 2. Get a quiet place to study. Long term memory is affected by outside noise, music, tv, and other distractions. To save time studying for tests and finals- keep it quiet and get it done faster!
 3. Plan your week- Take a few minutes on Monday to highlight what your objective is for the week.  
 4. Take the initiative. When we do more than expected without being asked, it brings favor. Helping with tasks around the house means more time for your family to do fun activities.
 5. Get a clear goal for your year. Set an objective and check your progress monthly. Put your goal poster where you see it every day!
 6. You need routines.- Set a sleep schedule and meal schedule. Your body will thank you! Do the same thing every performance. The success of a big production number is everyone knowing what they are doing and when to do it. 
 7. Break Large Tasks into Manageable “Bites”- If you tackle big jobs like science fair projects or book reports, list the steps to complete it and write each step in your daily planner one day at a time. Then, do the little bites to get to the objective in the end. Learn how to overcome mountains in your life that are too big to move both in school and life!
 8. Get an I CAN do this attitude! Success is 90% belief. Listen to what you say about yourself. It reveals what you believe. Change what you say about yourself and find your greatness this coming year!

Have a happy and blessed 2020!
Mama Liz

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